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Gerry and Janet Souter formed Avril 1 Group, Inc. in 1995. Today, they are among the most sought after and prolific writing teams internationally with 50 titles on book store shelves and in catalogs as of this year.Their associated skills include photography, editing, pen-and-ink illustration, lecturing to groups and consulting with museum and exhibit design companies.



Latest Publications


Guns of Outlaws: Weapons of the American Bad Man


Published by Zenith Press

Gerry and Janet Souter's latest book tells the stories and provides images of guns used by the men and women from yesteryear when the outlaws lived bold and died hard.  With the guns go the stories, overturned myths and the hard truths about the men and women who wielded these examples of deadly archeology.

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"After reading Guns of Outlaws, I was left with one main takeaway. Regardless of the era, evildoers always have and always will, find a way to get their hands on the most potent weapon of the day to carry out their dirty deeds."

--Kelly Young, American Rifleman Magazine




hnf Guns of outlaws cover







The Constitution
Covers not only the history of the most important document in the United
States, but also its challenges, conflicts and its function as a living, breathing tool of government. This heavily
illustrated volume also contains pull-out facsimiles of historical records relating
to our nation's history.

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   Gerry with Bill Moller during
   an interview at WGN Radio


American Shooter-A personal history of gun culture in the
United States


What they're saying about "American Shooter":


"Souter sets out the problem of the polarization in public debate about guns. He seeks to separate 'myths and
truths' and 'insights and blunders.' The object is for
'a laugh or to learn something new.'
You will do both."
--Gordon Morris Bakken, California State
 University, Fullerton

"American Shooter: A Personal History of Gun

Culture in the United States is a well-researched, often amusing and stirring review of the evolution
of our gun culture and its modern-day controversy."
 Shooting Sports USA- NRA Media


"It is a thoroughly enjoyable read – I felt that the author and I could have grown up together because our experiences were so similar....He writes with warmth and humor, but thinks independently and is not shy about slamming a few aspects of our
gun culture."

Muzzle Blasts – Official Publication of the
National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association


"To provide a personal view, Souter weaves in tales
of his own experiences with guns including sport
shooting as a young man, hunting and bonding with his
father, and facing the smoking end of a muzzle  as
 an international photojournalist."

Sporting Clays – The Wingshooter's Magazine

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Gerry's interview: Firearms facts and fantasies

Taped in Washington D.C., this segment 

of "Inside Story" for network TV and On-line streaming to an international audience. (15 minutes)